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Originally Posted by Crazylegs View Post
I didn't mean all internals, should have mentioned in previous post. the crank an Some have rods an pistons. A few reputable people have torn down there engines and confirmed it. Also if the N55 is the better engine then why is the 1m an 335is N54 powered? now you did say stock for stock...
I have yet to see any confirmation of a forged piston/rod in an N54 because they do not exist. The pics that were posted that people are saying are forged are actually CAST rods/pistons, you can clearly see it in the pictures! They do not know how to tell the difference that is why they are saying its forged. Hmmm lets see who do we believe. BMW engineers that say a forged piston/rod set never went into an N54 or some random person on the internet? Like I said, take it for what its worth. I have first hand experience with many N55 and N54 teardowns along with many conversations with BMW engineers about this particular topic. Top that off with every bit of training material that states CAST pistons/rods. You people can go on believing that the N54 has forged pistons/rods all you want, its just a myth. One person said it now everyone thinks it LOL!

....and why is the new M3 engine based off an N55? hmmmm Your argument means nothing because the IS and 1M use an N54. The N55 has been proven a better engine, more efficient, better fuel economy and more responsive.