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Brake boosting works!

So I went back to Cayuga again today for the 2nd time. This time round my car had just received the Stage 1 upgrade. 20 more HP and 32 more torque.

It made a huge difference. Last time i was running a 1/4 mile between 14.01 to 14.555.

Today I took all of your advice and brake boosted to 2800 RPM in DS AT mode with traction control off. (Temp 28c, Run flats stock rims and tires)

My best 1/4 mile time was 13.4 even.

R/T .041
60' 2.233
330 5.964
1/8 9.058
MPH 80.08
1000 11.700

1/4 13.400

MPH 104.13

Worst was 13.9. So two things:

1) Brake boosting made a huge difference.
2) The BMW Stage 1 upgrade makes a big difference as well.

I've basically shaved between .5 and .7 or my 1/4 time off when looking at my best and worst times. That's seemingly a big difference. In fact, I took a Camaro SS off the line. It was wasn't until the last 100 yards that he blew by me and finished the 1/4 miles in 12.9 seconds.

Thanks all!