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Originally Posted by E90Company View Post
Your right. The inner rings have more space bectween the LED's. Like that on mine as well.

Cbozz, I probably won't upgrade. Too much of a hassle for less spaces
I think the outer ones looks awesome and I am puzzled why they wouldnt make it the same to the inner ones with the newer V4! I could just imagine seeing these in person because the OSS outer ring was already blinding bright! These will be 10x brighter for sure..If I was in your shoes, I wouldnt upgrade either based upon what I stated with no uniformity of the two rings...Thats one thing I did notice on my friends cars with OSS V2 type rings..They were sooo much brighter than mine but looking at the two rings you can't tell the led separation on the outer ring, but the inner is clear as day the separation, and this will be more evident with V4

this is very evident from these pics of someone elses V4 1-4 shows this lack of uniformity of the both led rings in terms of led spacing...IMO its a fail for anal folks like myself.

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