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common 2007 328xi coupe issues?

Just traded my car in and felt compelled to to give everyone a run down of issues\failures I've faced over the last couple of years with my 328xi coupe in case someone else is considering buying a used one.:

60k miles: leaky valve cover gasket, leaky oil filter housing, vanos sensor. Quoted $1600 total but only went the vanos replacement ($300) because the oil leaks were really light

65k miles: transmission module - would have cost me 4k to fix had in not been for BMW's goodwill repair policy.

70k miles: eccentric camshaft sensor - $1600

75k miles: Water pump \ thermostat - $700 (ordered parts online and had a local shop install them otherwise would have been at least $1500 at BMW

These appear to be relatively common issues so I wouldn't touch these cars unless you get an extended warranty. Good luck!