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Originally Posted by bcoz View Post
Check your wheels for any visible kerb damage and then re-initialise the Flat Tyre Monitor. If problem doesn't recur, then it could just be a quirk in the system. (Note that the Monitor needs to be re-initialised after adjusting tyre pressure).
Took the opportunity to replace the wheels/RF tyres with a set of used 19" wheels with non RFT bought recently, re-initialised the Flat Tyre Monitor and all is fine. Should have done it long time ago, the ride/handling is much much better, no more bouncing around. Even with 19" instead of 18" wheels/tyres, and cos you can still feel the poor quality of our roads but it is never harsh and much more comfortable.

Inspected the tyres and found a couple of small nails on one tyre, not sure if they are the reason of the puncture warning, again, tyre pressure seems OK.