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Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
Ahh but my friend I must disagree with you again!

The beauty of a "cheap" track car is you can drive it with less worry

tracking a 10-20k car vs tracking 70-80k car is a big difference in worry : P

(my e93 M3 MSRPed for 83k, + taxes, so I do have to be more careful tracking it)

I guess insurance companies I've encountered are different :P

But we agree that they are some of the richest companies in the world!

Depending on the PPI, one can see how the frame is.

Personally, I wouldn't but a salvaged car...but if it's cheap enough from someone I know (like how the op knows the owner), I would look at it differently. Everything is case by case :P
LOL...that was three tongues...but I think we agree on some things and see it differently on others...
In my experience of buying and selling cars, if you have a Salvage title, you have to drop the price significantly, and wait much longer to find a buyer. I'd love to hear from others about this too...because when I see Salvaged title cars on Ebay, CraigsList and all the other online auto sales sites, it seems as though the same salvaged title cars sit and sit for quite some time.
For me personally, I'm not willing to bet my life and limbs on a car that in many cases has sustained major damage and been repaired. Most cases (not all) the car is never as good afterwards as it was before the accident.
Finally, I've learned that when someone smiles and calls you "my friend" run, don't walk away...