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Originally Posted by Nudie View Post
Which part of Taiwan is this?
Looks familiar!
Taichung City

Originally Posted by EVO_S4 View Post
pure sex, those extra parking space cost what an extra $100K?
no idea actually, I didn't ask since my mind was occupied with 458 all over my brain.

Originally Posted by DimSum View Post
To be that rich in Taipei, your dad must have banked hundred of millions.
I hope your dad lets you take the 458 out to the clubs in Taiwan
Your not the only one on E90post with one, CYBA has one too! but then again its stock, not the novitec...
but still.. owning those kind of cars in taiwan +1 RESPECTS.
Ya, I've seen some of CYBA's posts, baller. This car isn't mine and I don't pretend it is. I didn't work for it and I didn't pay for it. Thus, I don't think I'll be able to be taking it to clubs haha. But I'm such a car nerd I'd be driving it for the experience rather than for getting girls at a club. Since its my dad's, technically CYBA is still the only one on E90post that has one.