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A little background of the situation. The sound was not very noticeable at first. About a week or 2 ago, I would notice a sound that wasn't normal when I would be parked next to wall, like at a drive thru. I wouldn't be able to hear it any other time tho. Then a week ago it started to get louder, which is what you hear in the first video. Since that first video, I drove my car around for a day or 2, but kept load on it very low and never went WOT. Now we are at the second video, which is much worse than the first. Without pushing the engine, the noise is much more audible and much more nasty. I have also noticed that my car has been a little slower at the drag strip for the past couple of weeks. It's always hard to tell if loss of performance is from something wrong with the car or because of the super hot/humid climate here in FL, so I dismissed it. Now, I'm beginning to think whatever issue I have had, has begun to manifest itself over the past few weeks, robbing me of power.
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