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Originally Posted by fulcrum
Originally Posted by -TARBY- View Post
If you fit a dummy port the f@ckwits will plug their oBD cloner/dodgy gadget into the dummy port and it won't work... Hopefully it would throw them off the scent... Good idea. Can you post the part number etc here as Triple Black has asked.


E92 is 5

E90 is 2 I think

Post 47 for a photo from Shortie of part 2 6113 6931 908
Thanks. That's the link I just found too.

So what's part number 7 for then? I'll be having a look at my port tonight in prep for the delivery of the 10m extension cable.

Having a dummy port may seem pointless if you're moving the original but I think making the twocers hang about just a little bit long can contribute to them setting the alarm off or getting spotted. Also it may make them doubt their device even works any more.

Just came to mind, I read on here that car interiors don't hold finger prints like they used to. Can't tweaking material of the the OBD cover help to catch their finger prints for the police?
I mean either replace it with a similar designed plastic or coat it in vanish so a print can easily be pulled off it. Just an idea. What do you think?

Either way I'll be going back to my local dealership to have a word with 'Mr Buckteeth shirt and tie' about wasting my time.