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Originally Posted by .b0link View Post
Too true. I laugh every time someone tries to talk like they know what they are talking about....

"Oh the XXX Ducati's are nice, but I can't stand dry clutches"

1. Bet you have never ridden anythng with a dry clutch before, to justify a comparison or opinion.
2. XXX Ducati has a wet clutch.

Im with you on the sound. It can be an acquired taste for some, but to me its a unique and nasty (good nasty) sound that is all part of the Ducati allure
No one's arguing the aesthetic aspect of the dry clutch, because 99% of Ducastisti prefer the looks and sounds of the dry clutch. Why would Ducati alienate probably the most faithful motorcycle buyer? Most Ducati owners are older, experienced riders, who own more then one bike.
From Ducati's own website:
The Monster 1100EVO features a new wet clutch which ensures quiet operation and long life. In addition, the progressive self-servo mechanism reduces the lever effort at the handlebar and makes the Monster even more practical in traffic. The Monster 1100EVO wet clutch works with a race-like ‘slipper’ system which reduces the destabilizing effect of the rear-end under aggressive down-shifting, and compared with other wet clutch used so far by Ducati, features an additional cush-drive damper mechanism which smoothes the repeated transition from drive to over-run during stop-start traffic.

The 848EVO engine include a sophisticated wet clutch that weighs 1kg (2.2lbs) less than its dry counterpart, has a much longer service life, improved clutch feel and quieter operation.

The Testastretta 11 engine transmits drive to a sophisticated wet clutch that is a full kilo lighter than the corresponding dry version; it is also characterised by enhanced durability, improved 'feel' and lower noise levels, making riding a real pleasure whatever the circumstances.

So even Ducati claims longer life, better lever effort, and smoother low speed activity. Some people just fear change, and can't let progression go.

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