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Originally Posted by bmwe91 View Post
Ok so I searched a ton on google, and on the forums here but I couldn't find an accurate and definite answer.

Here's the deal, my cluster was showing -40 for the outside temperature. After a ton of research I found out that if the cluster is showing -40 it means that there is an open circuit. First off, I tried replacing the outside temp sensor which didn't work. I then went ahead and checked resistance and all that at the sensor plug, on the sensors two cables where the sensor and headlight wiring meet up, on the plug from the junction box that goes straight to the instrument cluster, and on the plug that connects to the instrument cluster. All wiring showed good connection. I think this is the instrument cluster, since there is a very big chance the cluster went bad because my vehicle once had problems where the vehicles electrical system got too much voltage from a jump and the CAS had to be replaced.

Now for the question, I bought a used instrument cluster off ebay. The cluster is off a 2008 328i with navigation. My car is a 2007 328xi without navigation. When I plug the new cluster in, will i still have my old mileage? Also, will there be any error codes? If there are any problems because of the navigation and the 2 wheel drive will it be possible to recode the cluster to non-navi and 4 wheel drive?

The cluster will not work correctly. It would need to be coded to the car. The issue is because it is used, you will get a "manipulation dot" on the cluster meaning it is not the original cluster for that VIN. Let me check tomorrow but I do not think you can swap in a used one and make it work properly.