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Originally Posted by fulcrum View Post

Are you going to wrap it around the car twice?

Assume you meant 1m
nah, 10m someone on here pointed it out on ebay, here

Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post

You are gutted as dealers wasted your time.

Now think same for those bastards who (I hope never) will try to steal your car.

If there is no OBD port, they will say nasty words to praise your work and move on.
However if there is dummy port and they try to start programming their key and after 1-2 attempts if they find 'SHIT, something is wrong with this car, or this owner has disabled obd port', they will become angry and may harm your car physically to take 'REVENGE', since you wasted their precious time.

That 'Revenge' can be deep scratch on your car, another windows smashed, airbag stolen, or something else.

I would simply suggest to relocate the OBD port with addition of clear visual signs for OBD port disabled.

Which could still end in the same result, but I understand the point you're making.

And the issue with the dealership is that I'm sure something else was going through his mind than trying to find the part.