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Originally Posted by mob17 View Post
If thats your budget then the Alpine upgrade will come just under that fitted. Best thing to do is ask a few dealers and try and get their best price. Or look in the classifieds. If you recode then i think rear PDC gongs disappear or become very low.

I have heard the Alpine upgrade before. It is definately an improvement and i was tempted by it. But aftermarket sounds a lot better quality wise, especially with an ms-8. So its up to you. If you want a decent easy upgrade that once installed you can forget about then go for the Alpine upgrade. But if you want to build your own custom system with hand picked equipment, and are prepared to wait, then go aftermarket.
Thanks for that mate. Is there a way to avoid the PDC gongs disappering after a recode?

From your signature, I like the look of what you've done. Do you mind if I ask how much that set you back? And was it easy to install? Is it completely reversible? I would like something that is relatively simple to do, while optimising the potential sound quality. The way I see it, I don't want to start cutting up the interior etc. so I'm limited to: replacing the original base system's speakers/woofers for uprated ones, and recoding the head unit.
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