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Originally Posted by jb84 View Post
Thanks for that mate. Is there a way to avoid the PDC gongs disappering after a recode?

I think the only way to avoid it is if you amp the rear speakers. But im not 100% sure, someone else will have to chime in here.

From your signature, I like the look of what you've done. Do you mind if I ask how much that set you back? And was it easy to install? Is it completely reversible? I would like something that is relatively simple to do, while optimising the potential sound quality. The way I see it, I don't want to start cutting up the interior etc. so I'm limited to: replacing the original base system's speakers/woofers for uprated ones, and recoding the head unit.

Generally when people go aftermarket it is not cheap. I also believe you get what you pay for, but that doesnt mean buy the most expensive stuff! Mine cost me around 1.7k, and thats just the equipment. I couldnt afford to pay this all in one go so i did the upgrade in stages. 1st stage cost me 650, 2nd was 630ish, 3rd was 200 and finally the 4th was 300. I installed the 1st stage in April, and the last was done at the end of July. It was mostly easy to install. The trickiest bit was wiring up Technics harness, but B33M3R did an excellent job of this. Another thing is that you will have to make your own speaker adaptors for Morels, if you decide on that. Its completely reversible (due to Technics harness), no cutting of anything and everything looks OEM. Used 4" speakers and 8" woofers. The ms-8 and amp are also hidden away so the boot looks normal. In my eyes this system would easily beat any of the BMW systems (got no proof of hifi and logic 7 as i havent heard them, but im pretty confident it will) and also is a lot better than the Alpine upgrade, which i have heard. But all my system needs now is a sub, which is the next stage! But there are other upgrade paths people have taken which they are happy with also.

The above system is more than just an improvment. Its a transformation which has brought music to life. But its hard to advise you on what to do as if you want just an improvement, there are loads of cheaper routes. Either Alpine or aftermarket.

If you go aftermarket your first port of call should be trying to get your HU coded. I couldn't because dealers said that it can't be done without hardware changes, and indys didn't know what i was on about. Plus i wanted everything to be easily reversible. Thats the main reason i got the ms-8, to sort out the signal, but after having used it there's so much more to it.

Just a quick point in case you do, please do not visit any audio specialist shops here in the UK. Most of them do not know what works best in BMWs and will ruin your car.