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Originally Posted by Siren_G View Post
Car already has prof sat nav so what's the difference between that and 09 prof sat nav??
Loads. Too much to go into detail.

The one in your car at the moment is called the CCC iDrive, the new one is called the CIC iDrive. Google it.

There have been a few additions to CIC iDrive from 09-present, in functionality (addition of being able to read out SMS's on screen, open documents, use app's etc), but nothing major and nothing that would bother me - as all of this is still based on the CIC iDrive which is great. The 09 CIC iDrive still has all the features that people really care about, which is the layout, the ability to store music on the internal HDD, the speed of it, the HD screen, the 3D nav maps, the iPod album art etc

CCC iDrive is like Windows 95 - good, but a bit slow, featureless and clunky.
CIC iDrive is like Windows 7 - sleek, snappy and full of features.

If you've got the money to drop 3500 on AP brakes, updating your iDrive to CIC iDrive would be a probably the best bang for buck upgrade to your car.

Originally Posted by Siren_G View Post
Thanks. When I had a look at M3's I couldn't find one on the used BMW network in the same condition / mileage and at 20k. Secondly once you factor in insurance and maintenance, the cost goes up. Also quite like the idea that with this car because I'm having it de-badged people will think I'm some rich husbands wife in a pimped 320d... Until I put my foot down!
Fair enough

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