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Should I request the dealer to change spark plugs on 335i?

The car: 2008 335i E93
Mileage: 75000kms
Last Service: 70,000kms
Upcoming Service: 95000 kms

I have looked at my service history and realised that spark plugs have not been changed since car left the dealership new in 2008. All servicing has been done on time however I thought that spark plugs should've been changed by now on the n54s (assuming they haven't because there are no ticks beside spark plugs on the service manual). It bothered me so much that I did a little internet research and most of the bmw enthusiasts in U.S.A recommend that they should be changed at 45000 mileage/every 3rd oil change. Some even insisted that the service interval booklet will rectify this as 45000 miles but I haven't had a look at this and I'm not sure if U.S.A and Australia intervals are the same. The service manager that took care of my car when I took it in for 70,000km service (which only consisted of microfilter, air filter and oil change) recommended that they should be changed on major service which is scheduled for 95000 kms and that spark plugs will be taken care of along with ignition coils and maf sensor etc. Will the I drive menu advise me if this is urgent because so far no problems nor warnings on dash or Idrive system, no rattles or shakes while driving, standing by or during cold starts. Idles at 600rpm smoothly every time and to cut it short, the car is running well with no signs of mechanical failure that I'm aware of.

My father suggests that I should look into it immediately vs the service manager in February recommended for me to wait. I'm in a moral dilemma. What do you guys think? Should I just request for the spark plugs to be inspected and get them changed? My father suggests that I should make a complaint about why the service manager did not request the change on the 70,000km service which was completed in February this year. He thinks that a car like 335i shouldn't wait until 100,000 kms for spark plugs to be changed and I honestly agree with him.

I vaguely remember that during the last service inspection, the service manager said the spark plugs were fine but I don't want to rely on this because my warranty expired on early 2012. Im thinking of giving them a call tomorrow and see what they say about changing them around this mileage. I'm very fussy when it comes to my cars maintenance and I don't feel right if something is not done on time nor do I feel right driving the car.

Im open to all suggestions. Thanks for your inputs in advance fellas.

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