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From the Bentley Manual:

This is the "vehicle check" symbol. Items that should be checked include the following:

Horn, headlight flasher, hazard warning flasher, check operation
Instrument cluster and control lighting, blower, check operation
Lighting system (dome lights, glove compartment light, flashlight, trunk light, turn signals, hazard warning flasher, back-up lights, brake lights, license plate lights, check operation
Safety belts, check condition and function
Wipers, and washers check
Body, check for corrosion
Tires, check tread depth, wear pattern, condition, inflation pressure, correct pressure as necessary
Run-flat indicator initialize
Battery, check state of charge, charge as required
Power steering fluid, check fluid level
Airbags, inspect for torn covers, damage or attached stickers
Mirrors, inspect
Engine coolant, check level and concentration
Windshield washer, intensive cleaning system, check protection level, fluid level, top off if necessary
Brake system connections and lines, check for leaks, damage and correct positioning
Underbody (transmission, rear axle, fuel lines, exhaust system) check for damage, leaks and corrosion
Steering components, check for clearance, leaks, damage and wear
Road test, check for performance, braking, steering, suspension, noises

If you don't want to pay the dealer $10,000 to do this and want to do it yourself, you can reset the service by doing the following:

Close all doors, turn ignition on (accessory mode)
Make sure lower displays in cluster show clock and mileage
Press and hold trip odometer reset button for about 5 seconds until CBS (condition based service) icons begin to display in cluster. Release button.
Press turn signal lever BC button repeatedly to scroll through CBS icons
For each icon the word "reset?" is displayed. To reset a particular item, press and hold BC button. A small analog clock icon is displayed. When complete, the chosen CBS item is reset.
To insure that the reset was done, press BC button while looking at CBS reset icon. Acknowledgement of reset is shown with a check mark in a box.

Hope that helps.