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Originally Posted by freezer View Post
Hi, I just joined the forum and I am really happy that I found this post - it seems like there are a lot of people here who know about CCC conversion...
I recently purchased a CIC from ebay in the hopes of converting my CCC to a newer version (I have 2007 335i). Ebay seller promised that it will work, but I keep getting red screen and can't make it work, the seller is not being helpfull at all. It's been a nightmare.. Does anyone have any clue as to what might be wrong? Is it the CIC? Is it the vehicle? Would dealer be able to help? Any help will be appreciated!
Who is the seller? It might be good to warn others.

I have not done the CIC retrofit, but you should post more details, so that others can help. Maybe the unit has more features and you need to code the car? Did you get the emulator or FSC code? Or is it just that the unit won't even turn on? Did you check the fuses? Reseat the cables, recheck all connections?