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Originally Posted by ~XxTeexX~ View Post
T1R 235.30 is a rare tire, they are crap for stretching in the fitment world. Known for its $ price tag and grippy performance aspects. Which is why no one uses them for aesthetics. They work on for minor aggressive fit with -2 camber due to their rounded side wall and narrow section widths so its applicable for some setups.

235.30 on a 10 will gap, leaving you a wide fender/tire gap unless you run -4 more camber with an aggressive drop (more than normal) to make it look good. Keep in mind the only reason we go wide/poke is to use a widest possible tire while stretching to avoid the fenders as needed. I would run a 245.30 where as i would run a 225.35 in the past.

heres some 235.30 on a 10 for you, it worked for my buddy's setup cause hes on -3.8 on stiff spring rates. Those quarters represents the gap, filling in that gap with extra contact patch/tire while still maintaining adequate stretch to clear would be goal.
Thanks for the reply Tee! I knew you'd know what'sup.

So, ideally, you're saying ditch the Toyos in favor of what?
I needa buy all 4 new tires anyway, so that's not a problem.

You're saying if I went with Toyos, to go with a 245/30?
But with other brands a 235/30?