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Lower valance grill and kidney grill replacement

I'll post pics soon but I wanted to give my notes on this procedure.

1. Easy but very tedious.
2. The step-by-step instructions posted on on how to remove bumper are essential!!!

Thanks AU335!!!

3. You need to remove the bumper to do this right.
4. Be prepared to get dirty and a little frustrated with the 2 bolts, on each side, that connect the bumper to the quarter panels. Using the wheel to hold the pulled-back wheel well is the only way to expose the bolts, albeit a giant pain in the ass.
5. Be careful with the air duct entrance for the oil cooler. You may not notice that you accidentally remove a 2 inch rubber strip that helps with airflow. Had to remove bumper again to reattach this small but 'important' piece.
6. Tighten the four hex bolts above the kidney grills in the same spot they were originally. It will, most likely, ensure a more flush look between the hood and bumper.
7. Drink beer and water.
8. Repeat #7 until whenever.

Addendum: you don't need to disconnect the fog lights if you have a 1-2" platform (a thick blanket or similar) to rest the bumper on. The wires are long enough, without strain, to allow you to drop the bumper on said platform.

Overall this took an hour or so. The hardest parts were the aforementioned 2 bolts on either side. Also, ramps are not needed.
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