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Originally Posted by ~XxTeexX~ View Post
Run anything else but a falkens/toyos. Any of these brands will stretch nicely wide while run truer section widths..generals/kumho/achilles/federals/handcocks/yoko. Ive used and known others that ran those brands and have success with them. yoko iirc makes a 245.30 and i forget rear specs youre running?

Keep in mind all of those tire brand ive listed above are proven. They do the job for a bargain price. NEVER had a bead pop no side wall bubble/blisters. You can mix and match need it be in the future. But yoko s drive makes 245.30 and 275.30 to match. The stretch/match ratio would be very close too.

edit the photo above is a 18x10 on a 235.30 which is even more rare.
Ok, cool.

You recommended
F: 19x10" with a 235/30
R: 19x12 with a 265/30

Price really isn't an issue as far as tires. I only drive the car in the summer anyway.