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ah ok run a 245.30 a 265.30 with roll, 275.30 shaved @ -2.5 all around. (12mm poke f/r)

Whips n chocolate ask me to do a feature for them but im lazy or lost desire for internet props perse. Armands red wbk mr2 was a product of my vision and i live thru his fame. That autocon parking alot was the closest to a photoshoot ive came across and i didnt even know that guy at the time lol. He added me on fb and sent me the pix (very nice of him). I just get my attention fix from driving around and feeling great helping you guys here thru pm's.

Just keep in mind whips n chocolate/stanceworks go for quality and stance nation and others just go for quantity. They just take anything thats low with some stretch, where camber/stretch/front/rear drop match rake is non existent.

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