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Originally Posted by yogi View Post
on my e90 its been there for 2 years and its a duralast. on my e60 its been there a few months.

i havent had any issues, nor have i heard of any fires or explosions. i have heard of fires due to faulty cables that were recalled. to each their own im comfortable getting into my cars and doing work myself, some arent. maybe you can replace the battery and then pay a shop or dealer to "calibrate" it?
Yeah, I'm not 100% comfortable, but I did my first oil change myself a few weeks ago, so I'm getting more confident. I have no problem getting in there with the battery, but I've heard so many mixed things about installing an aftermarket battery that I can't say for sure if it's safe to do. There's a huge thread about the battery reset, but even so, nobody can say if it's dangerous or not.