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Originally Posted by zeenon53 View Post
I got the vrsf 7". I wouldn't worry about the big tom being blocked. I have seen plenty of turbo cars where they have a huge FMIC with half of it being blocked by the bumper. The question is, do you really need it? Do you plan on upgrading turbos? Any 5" will be more than sufficient for the stock twins. If you like the BT, go for it. I almost did but didn't want to have to deal with welding mounts for it even though I own a welder. The kit CRX sells is sweet. But then so is the vrsf 7", and it requires a lot less cutting. VRSF is also selling their downpipes for 319 right now!

I can't wait to get a baseline tomorrow so I can throw everything on the car. I'm hoping for 400whp with just tune, dp, and fmic. That might be a little greedy though...
Those mods aren't enough for 400whp I believe. I have JB4, intake, DP, AMS FMIC and I don't "think" i'm getting that much. I'd say around 350-370whp is more realistic...maybe even less lol. Good luck.