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Originally Posted by JT_Munkey
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It's already off the car, I'll install it back on after regular maintanence at the dealership. I'll see if I make it Friday nhaaaa emmm jk hot spot. Didu remove the resonator too?
Fasho! Let's go to Chlorine. It's close to HotSpot. Nah, decided against it because I don't want further droning.

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hello everyone.. how is everyone doing today??
Same.. grabbing a bite to eat during my break. What about you?

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Yeah, that is true. Used one's pricing should be a considerate amount haha
I was torn all summer between BMW PE or AA, but after spending so much dough during the end of the summer on the mod bug I decided to go after the AA exhaust since it was $500 hahaha But once I receive it at the end of the month and have it installed in October maybe I can finally make it out to a meet and y'all can hear it hahaha
You don't have to wait. Come on out!

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JT I sent you a friend request on FB and cookie, I sent you a private message. Wooo, anybody know if anyone selling Style 95 19" rims?
I'll send you the invite!

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haha Same! I was at work, now at home and going to re-install the Powerbox in a few
I hated the powerbox install process..
hey jason i am just chillin, bored out of my mind.. hehe..