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Originally Posted by Puerto Rican 335d View Post
@ VReiman I tend to differ on this I drove the car for 2 weeks and NEVER did the car go either on limp or safe mode, sorry to bust your bubble on this one, but it is good assumption that it can, I live in Puerto Rico so I can attest to weather changes either hot/humid/cool temp used with AMSOIL Cone Filter. The problem I had, like you state is the engine compartment on the DIESELS are closed and the only ventilation would be from the radiator fan(not good) the problem with AMSOIL is that the only filter to fit is the EaAU4070 if not mistaken and that one is to long 7" we need a cone no longer than 5 1/2 to 6" long, otherwise it will scratch your paint
I am saying that the Amsoil filter shouldn't be throwing codes, but taking out the snorkel has the possibility to throw a code. In every vehicle I've owned except the diesel, I have always heavily modified the motors and none of them threw codes, but they did have some quirks because of the open element cone intakes. I found that if the weather is windy and you are off throttle and a gust hits the front of the car it can cause slight fluctuations in the revs, but in every case during WOT or even at moderate throttle, the open element never caused any issues.

Just curious, but when you ran the cone filter, did you leave the plumbing in place that directs the cool air from the front of the car into the filter area or did you remove it?
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