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E90 2012 M-Sport package shock soft after 4 months


I bought a E90 (318i) with the M Sport package just 4 months ago. those are the last produced E90 models. I loved the ride, the stiffness of the car, perfect balance, hard enough but not killing your back.

when the car had 6000KM, I drove to Italy (from The Netherlands). The national roads in Italy are so bad, lots of bumps and holes in the road. Everytime I felt it is killing the car. after 10 days in Italy (with addtional 4000KM), it feels like the car id very soft, bad handling, like it not more M Sport suspension. I went to dealer and they see nothing is wrong. Could the shocks be damaged (become soft) after 10000km? could it be such a difference. The car feels really different.
any ideas?