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Originally Posted by bga23 View Post
They're still depreciating, you're just not taking the initial hit. I do the same thing, buy 1-2 year old cars.

As for normal, people on this forum are not "normal" when it comes to cars. The average American prob owns a car for several years, as opposed to us here who own several cars for a year.
This is true and what I was trying to get at.

Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
My dad drives cars until they die and just bought his 4th car in my lifetime. I'm 31. Owning Toyotas, that means he's keeping them for over a decade. His 4Runner just crossed 330k and will be celebrating it's 15th birthday this month. Still going strong!
330k? that's awesome!

Originally Posted by Cyberdemon View Post
American reliability (both cars were constantly in the shop), circumstances (moved, owning two cars became a pain), and I ended up selling the Corvette to buy my wife her engagement ring (yeah I know)
Ahh, I see. Thta's still admirable of you sir!