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For the last couple of years at least, I have thought BMW is the Apple of cars but that isn't such a bad thing for value minded driving enthusiasts that like to drive and are willing to buy the lower margin base models. In a way, the people that check most of the luxury/style options on a BMW are subsidizing the people who don't since BMW would have to rethink their pricing strategy if people started avoiding most of the high margin options.

With Apple computers, you can often get a very good bang for your buck computer if you buy the entry level models and don't shop at the Apple Store. With BMWs, you can now get pretty good value if you buy an entry level model(128i, X1 or 328i) via European Delivery and are light on the options. Like Apple, BMW gets you from a value perspective if you go much beyond the lower end models.

I just bought my first BMW, an X1, and I am actually a value buyer even though I could have afforded a much more expensive car so I am doing ED and going very light on the options. Would I have preferred a 4 door hatchback or even sedan version of the 128i? In all likelihood yes but I can't buy what is not offered in the US. No matter what car I got even if I spent 100k, the car I bought was going to be a compromise in one way or another.

If you really think of the new 3 series as an updated version of a really old 5 series...its a great car even though I would have styled some parts a bit different.

A better looking and more diversified 1 series lineup is where BMW has let driving enthusiasts down since the 1 series is clearly the replacement for the old 3 series.