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Originally Posted by obert View Post
You will need to get someone to code the battery to the car so you will have no problems.

Lots of threads on coding and not coding the new battery.

I have a cable I'll code myself

I bought the Everstart 94R 11 which was what was listed in the book at walmart. Just to be Sure, is this the correct battery? I couldn't find any specs on the battery other than 765 CCA which makes a difference but not really a big difference imo compared to 720 CCA on the OEM.

I couldn't verify ah, even online I couldn't find the specs on the battery but the 94R seems to be what everyone has been recommending on the forum but couldn't verify the 11 other than the book. Plus no other 94R's on the shelf.

Seems to be slightly smaller than the OEM battery but I am sure it will fit when I go out in the morning to install.