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Originally Posted by fulcrum View Post
Impressive - so three days work.

You must be a very good friend to have!
Thanks mate. Technically, approx. 2 days, as I started working on it 22:30 saturday night.

Originally Posted by mistryn View Post
Impressive thread, thanks for taking the time to write it up certainly gives food for thought about what I want to do
Thanks buddy. I am sure that at least this post will give you insight into another example of ICE.

Originally Posted by Rudz View Post
There are no words that seem adequate enough to say thank you to Makkan. I have been blown away by the time and effort he's put in, in bringing my audio setup together, Makkan's attention to detail is exemplary as you can see from the pics, the setup sounds awesome and I am chuffed to bits by the work that's been carried out, I thank you again for the great work Makkan
Thanks bud for your kind words and your patience when I worked on your car.

Originally Posted by Frobius View Post
Nice work there guys! I bet with all that it sounds the bollocks - and not just because it's loud either!

Did you put tweeters in?
Forb, I just added two mice in there who create funny noises

On a serious note, that was 5 minutes job and hence did not even bother to mention here.

Originally Posted by AWBimmer View Post
Superb Makkano / Rudz! That looks the nuts!! Really got me excited about my set up too now hahah. I bet you're dead chuffed Rudz! I was with my old one and that was without much bit one setting in place or the centre channel.. this must sound the t*ts lol!

Great work..

Makkano could you PM me a price for your work pls?

I compared bit one and MS-8 and for me MS-8 is winner due to;
1- It has built in amplifier and you can have central speaker/ rear speakers directly fed from it.
2- Easy to setup compared to bit one.

About pricing, it depends on the system and components. Once you have your components and amps, let me know and I can tell you price tag at that time.

Originally Posted by macck View Post
Hi Rudz Glad to see you finally got your system installed. Good job done by Makkan . Now just hit the road and keep

Thanks macck. Finally his patience paid.

Originally Posted by mob17 View Post
Thanks for the mention, it looks like a nice clean install And Rudz, those Hybrids will amaze you even further after some breaking in.

How did level matching the speakers for the ms-8 calibration go? As you have amped everything apart from the centre. Did you consider amping the centre? If you use Logic 7 on the ms-8 then its a good move to!
No worries mate. Credit is due where it is due.

We connected central directly to MS-8 and kept logic 7. As you mentioned earlier, MS-8 and amp was set up in the way you mentioned and gains adjusted afterwards.

L7 central mid already goes to its peak on max volume, so it did not require any alteration.

Originally Posted by 1SH View Post
Thanks bud. Off the topic, have you moved your obd port?

Originally Posted by QUiKSR20 View Post
Great install, Love reading these build threads.. We def have a great bunch on here that help out.. I wouldnt be where i am today without them ( taibanl / kaigoss / technic / mob17 ).

Surely, these guys have spent their time and devotion on these things and deserve respect and credit.

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