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Originally Posted by be-em-veh-808 View Post
Thanks for sharing your experience. Not excited about removing all the cowling, cabin air filter, and other items just so I can remove engine cover .

So, when you removed the B1S1 sensor, did you have to remove anything that had to do with steering rack or tie rod? My Bentley manual said 'remove the right tie rod from the steering rack'

Also, was removal of the sensor fairly straightforward --- or did you really have to work at it or use the big breaker bar?

I bought an off-set type sensor socket --- is that what you use?

Thanks in advance EFT!
You must be talking about the B1 S2 O2 sensor then. The Bank 1 Sensor 1 is the O2 sensor in the top of the front exhaust manifold (cylinders 1, 2, 3) that you can easily see on the right side of the engine. This this for an N52 of course, which is the engine in your car. I have both types of sockets (off set and deepwell-split). Either should work.

I did my sensor just after the time Eninty posted the DIY and the price for the OEM sensor (B2 S1) was $55 from Tischer.