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Originally Posted by BoondogUK View Post
First of all... great post, and looooovely setup.... very envious!

I have just the one question on the install... how come you have coiled the patch cables? It seems to be such an odd thing to do in an otherwise excellent setup. From my years of doing ICE (albeit a few years ago now), coils of any sort meant noise, (the enemy of any install!) is there something that I am missing? I've not had any dealings with an MS8, does it do such a good job of processing that it strips it all out?
Thanks for your comment.

Before I say something, I must quote a response from some other people on different forums:

Its shielded.... doesnt matter how you coil it. Dont go like wrapping it around your 0 gauge power wire or anything and you will be fine.

The important things is that you should not keep it next to power cables and hence most of new amps / processors have RCA input on the opposite side of power cables.

And there was no noise at all in the system.

MS8 is brilliant processor and beauty of it is 'built in amplifier', should you wish to connect speakers driectly to it. You need good couple of hours to play with it and come up with the best settings though according to your drivers.

Whether one should go for one or not, totally depends on how you want to listen your music. If you are perfectionist and does not want to miss even a single beat in your music, then yes it is essential.

Originally Posted by Frobius View Post
What sort of fusing have you put in?
It is not at the top of my head as both of them required separate fuses. Audison required 80A (if I remember correctly) and I cannot remember MS8 fuse rating at the top of my head. If I am not wrong, it was 25A fuse.

At the top of that Audison had its built-in fuse as well (as most digital amps do these days).