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Originally Posted by sparkyblue View Post
I saw on the other forums thread that people were running 45% E85 / 55% CALI 91. But they were messing with fuel trims?!
The fuel in Cali tends to be of lesser quality, so I don't blame them.
You should check with your state to see what the minimum legal ethanol content is, usually it should say it on the pump.

For example, here in Colorado, our fuel is rated up to 10% ethanol content, while our e85 needs to be a minimum of 70% ethanol for resale.
I use 2 gallons of 91 per 1 gallon of e85 which would put me at a minimum of e30. It's ok if you over 30 a little, but could be bad if you under calculate. Better safe than sorry.

Originally Posted by Manny_World View Post
+3. I'm moving to a place that only have 91 octane and E85. Am I SOL after I move?
Not exactly, you can just flash another tune if you need to run regular gas.

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