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For those who are saying that this is unlikely or impossible. A poorly designed LED bulb will create tons of electromagnetic interfeerence which will mess with any radio waves in the vehicle, such as AM/FM/Satalite/Cellular and TPMS sensors. This is a well known issue with our cars and cheap LED Angel Eyes that has been reported many times before.

The OP was sold a product that has a flawed design and could have potentially cost him $10,000 in repair bills, which I'm sure he has a huge paper trail for.

A poorly designed product like this shouldn't be sold in the first place, there used to be several angel eyes out there that cause EM interfeerence in the early days (usually causing radio reception issues) and it's a very well known issue with our cars that only the most basic products fail to address, at least until the customers report back issues like this.

If the seller stands by their product the OP deserves a refund and the product needs a redesign.

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