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Originally Posted by BMJ View Post
it will warn you with limp mode or a misfire and rattle -> check engine light... trust me this is not fun when your doing 100 on a busy freeway and need to get from the right lane into a service lane.. as happened to me...

if you check the SP also look at the coil packs
thanks for the heads up! Sorry to hear about that bad experience you had on the freeway.. Hope it's driving nicely now.. Definitely will check the coil packs.. cheers.

Originally Posted by pavo335 View Post
well they are probably right, in that the spark plugs are working, right. cause if they weren't then the car would throw a CEL, which is hasn't. but all things wear out over time and whilst the plugs would most likely be good for another 100k's, will thet be operating at their peak???
You're correct. No signs of errors or rattles and I listen to the engine most of the time instead of using the hi-fi.. Engine sound healthy *knock on wood. According to the service tech, the spark plugs will operate at their peak until 95-100ks if the car is looked after and if maintenance isn't delayed, which is unquestionable in my case.

Originally Posted by e92sydney View Post
Easy DIY
I'll check them out and see how 'Easy' it is

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Not sure what the issue is here? Just change them!

Come 95000km for your major, just tell them you've already changed at 75000km.

Easy and solved!!!!
Was just a general question to fellows here that love taking care of their cars as much as I do.

I'll change em over when I go to replace the wiper blades next week. JB4 is also tempting..