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Originally Posted by WhatADream View Post
Hey guys,

I am new here, and I know, I haven't earned my stripes yet. I previously was a VW/Audi owner and loved to mod.

I finally decided to make the switch to BMW 335i Sedan 09' Sexy car indeed!

anyhow, back to my point.
TO celebrate my new purchase, I bought LED angel eye upgraded lights from Burger Motorsports. I got the item and installed it. 1 mile of driving, a TPM malfunction light goes on.
I figured thats weird, the head lights cant possibly have any relation to the TPM malfunctioning. I called Terry from Burger, and he confirmed that there was no way.
OK, so the dealership I go...
2 weeks in, BMW cant figure out the problem, and opened a Puma Case. BMW was stumped and was litterally throwing parts at it (brakes, rotors, TPM sensors, wiring harnesses, etc...)
im furious because this is my new BMW and I've never had this kind of problem before in my other German cars.
I joked with my advisor and mentioned I changed the angel eyes to the LED ones. They were desperate for answers, so they replaced them with the factory ones and POOF the problem was solved! LUCKILY, my advisor was cool, and didn't charge me for the parts or hours invested since my modification was the cause of the problem.

Ok, fine, I email Terry at Burger Motorsports, and ask for a refund politely. What do I get...
"NO REFUNDS, however; I will replace it with another LED light"
HAHAHA!! WTF?! why would I want another Piece of crap product that causes TPM malfunction problems.
I have NEVER had such bad service. I am just venting, thanks for listening.
I am sure they have other great products, but they just lost me as a future customer.

Piece out guys~
OP sorry to hear about your problem. I asked BMS and they said you reported to them that your dealership told you the LED lights were causing a TPMS light. Which, by any account is not possible. There are literally tens of thousands of LEDs angel eyes in use and I've never heard of any TPMS correlation. They are completely separate systems and the TPMS system is in the trunk. But despite your ridiculous claim BMS offered to replace the lights with new ones for you or let you return them for a store credit so you could pick something else from the store.

It seems you are being exceptionally unreasonable making a hater thread like this, in my opinion.