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Originally Posted by research View Post
I'm on the fence regarding how good the wrap will hold in our -25C winters, 5 months of salts on roads, ice rain and what have you.

I think I'd rather have it painted though I'm unsure if the surface will take paint. In past i've painted only plastic parts on my previous car (door handles) and that held for 5 years so I have hopes, but this is metal and I'm a bit unsure. At least one body shop told me it won't hold well and will peel off in few years.

Also, I don't want to wrap it matte black. It looks cheap, my old car again had matte black. If you do gloss black, you have to do the pillars and mirror trim too to get shadowline look, otherwise it won't match in full.
plasti-dip is your solution... if it doesn't hold... peel off easy and reapply.

but I don't see the vinyl to be a problem ether way.

imo black trim always looks better.