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iTrader: (6) slow shipping time?

This is quite annoying; I've had by JB4 installed for several days already and each day it's in I risk blowing my stock chargepipe. Not to mention I will be out of town soon for business and don't want my order sitting on my porch for two weeks.

8 days ago I ordered the BMS N55 chargepipe, of which the website claimed there was 8 in stock. I got an email from Mike saying it was out of stock but that they would sub in the ER chargepipe. That's fine with me.

September 6th I emailed them and asked if it was shipped and got no response.

Today, I emailed them again, and got a cc from Mike saying, "Christine, do you have a tracking number for him?"

I received nothing from Christine and my order is still on processing on their website.

Is this normal for these guys? It's my first purchase from them. I'm on the verge of asking for a refund and ordering one expedited directly from BMS.