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Eibach Pro-System - does it come with bump stops?

Hi all, I bought this kit recently for my 2007 E90 non-sport, and am planning to install it with the help of a friend. Going through the box, I only see 4 springs and 4 shocks. Here's where my confusion begins. The product box has a picture of a bump stop on the outside, and various literature I've seen online also seems to suggest that the Pro-System comes with its own set of bump stops in the box. Yet, some members have posted that this kit (perhaps just the one specific to the E90) does not come with bump stops. My own set did not seem to come with bump stops.

Does anyone have a definitive answer on this - should the Pro-System for the E90 come with bump stops?

If the kit indeed should not come with bump stops, are we supposed to use the original stops that came with the car, and if so do they need to be trimmed? I read through the instructions and it doesn't mention anything about bump stops, let alone trimming them.

If anyone can shed some light on this, it would be most appreciated! Thanks!