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Shock sensor is probably a waste of time - this post from the guy who originally fitted it:

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Yeah, you probably have your shock sensor too high. I've kinda gotten to the point where I think the shock sensor is only really good for hit and run scenarios, because the settings don't adapt to your environment. The shock sensor would be great if you park only in garages or off mai roads, but if you park somewhere where a lot of cars will come by you'll get false alarms. That or you have to adjust your shock sensor to the point where it won't pick up any tampering you'd want it to.

Anyways, with the on/off setup i just leave it off most of the time.
OBD relocation for me when I next get a day off, and decals. Not keen on the ones pictured though, I'm sure I saw a better design somewhere else on the forum recently. Edit:

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Thanks for the thread though, Sam. Good to have all the links arranged together on one place
Just how many Yorkshire sheep can you fit inside one exhaust?

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