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Originally Posted by COMplex View Post
Car feels great with the e30 map when I mix correctly... I just have a bit of trouble getting my mixes right. Going to try again this weekend. The power increase is definitely noticeable over Stage 2+ Sport, so much so that it'll break loose coming into power in 2nd gear

Tried logging at the track but it kept failing - AP was likely full. I was peaking 13.4psi on my best run of the night. Highest I saw all night was 18.4psi. Car felt like it was really picking up boost around 5500rpm, but struggled before that.

I need to try logging again, hopefully that'll explain what's up.
Originally Posted by Mangler View Post
Either I have crappy tires or the E50 map I made from S1+agg is dialed. I can break loose in 2nd easily and it's on edge through max tQ in 3rd.

Tried out the E30 Map with an approx 45-50% mix of E85 in the tank. Considering I was Stage 1 up until the last few days when I got my DP's in and went up to Stage 2. The jump to this E30 map is insane! Even with my Michelin PSS on Stage 2 V401 I couldn't break the tires loose in 1st gear on a roll out. But with this E30 map, I break 1st, and even 2nd no problem!

The rear end gets very scary under hard acceleration, and I get a side to side motion which is very un-nerving.

But this new found power is so amazing. I have been logging all day and will pull up the maps to check my LTFT/STFT & Timing corrections. My fingers are crossed that they are looking good, and from my butt dyno it feels to be running very strong.