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Great thread mate Credit goes to you

I have been thinking lately about strengths and weaknesses of all the options available and even though i have the shock sensor installed, after watching a few CCTV captured attacks, some go with the grab something and hit the glass hard as you can which i agree would trigger the sensor. But more and more are reverting to things like spring loaded glass breakers which i am not sure if would trigger a shock sensor What do you think?

Things like these

Although i am happy in the knowledge about the proximity sensor picking them up if the shock sensor didnt register the attack.

So there takes me back to the thought of adding a glass break sensor which works solely on sound. I wonder, can two,_OH_five work out how to integrate a break glass sensor such as the one below in the same way they have with the shock / proximity sensors.

Finally, and maybe two,_OH_five can comment, i think the location of the proximity sensor is too high mounted there by the interior light, it needs to be in the middle of the car; handbrake location would be ideal.

From experience with previous cars and previous alarms, if set too sensitive or located too near the roof, you will suffer a lot of false alarms when it rains as it picks up the pools of water running off the roof, registering the movement and activating the alarm.