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Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
Thanks, as you saved my time to write the response.
Shortie, I was actually thinking of glass break sensor.

I am just wondering, if somebody smashes the window then would that not trigger the shock sensor?
Also with intrusion sensor fitted appropriately, would that not trigger the alarm?

I liked the idea of adding this as well.
You're welcome!
The only issue I could see with the spring loaded punch would be that the shock sensor may need to be set to a little higher sensitivity which could also trigger false alarms.

I suppose you could wire in both but it's a case of whether the individual would feel it would be worth it.

Personally I would prefer the shock sensor as:
1) It would 'go off' if someone bumped against the car - hopefully making them run off prior to any damage being done.
2) Someone accessing the vehicle and starting to tug at the airbag would also set it off.

Whereas the glass break would only sound the alarm after the glass was broken therefore it would be the next line of defence.

At the end of the day it's all about what the individual feels is enough for him/herself.