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Originally Posted by sa12 View Post
Good idea. I can't imagine it being difficult to install provided a pin-out of the the break glass sensor is available.

The supply and siren trigger would connect to the same place as the shock sensor. The microphone could be installed behind the rear view mirror to make it look discreet.
Exactly, just need to work out how to connect it lol

Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
Thanks, as you saved my time to write the response.
Shortie, I was actually thinking of glass break sensor.

I am just wondering, if somebody smashes the window then would that not trigger the shock sensor?
Also with intrusion sensor fitted appropriately, would that not trigger the alarm?

I liked the idea of adding this as well.
I have watched videos where they take 3 or 4 attempts to break the glass, and it would 100% trigger the sensor. However, more recently, i have seen the spring loaded glass breaker, with it being a high powered pin i was just questioning if it would produce enough of a shock or if it will simply shatter immediately.

The proximity sensor would definitely trigger it, maybe im just thinking OTT lol

Originally Posted by IanS100 View Post
Shortie: Did you go for the glass break sensor upgrade to the Viper alarm? is it a worthwhile/necessary addition bearing in mind everything else that SecureMyCar do?
I went with proximity and shock sensor. I didnt go for the glass sensor at the time but i am now thinking of incorporating it.

Originally Posted by idnan View Post
Another option on petrol models is to install a cut off switch on to the coil pack power feed. I've done this on mine and with the switch set to off the car will just turn over and never fire. Just extend the wiring somewhere hidden in the car and flick the switch when you use and then turn off the car. Be warned if you don't do it properly your car won't start.
Just like an old fashioned cut of switch. Something worth considering if your skilled enough. For me though, 1 alarm fob deactivates the alarm, i then remove my big steering wheel lock (i know not to everyones taste lol). I dont think i would want to look for the switch as well lol