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Various Speakers, Cabling and Amps

My vehicle originally had (NO Amplifier) all the system was ran from the Headunit, it was the base system,

I purchased a wiring loom from a member in the US for connection to a JL Audio Cleansweep, allowing me to connect an amplifier or two to the system, this was simply done by connecting from the original BMW connections at the underseat sub and running to the boot area where I placed the Cleansweep, The cleansweep them flattens the Curve of the stereo and allows it to then run to an Amplifier, these were placed stacked in the left hand side of the boot where a changer or amp may go, as they are small enough to fit, allowing a stealth and standard look.

Product List:

JL Cleansweep, with the Wiring Loom to speakers

4 Channel Vibe LiteBox Stereo 4, 4 Channel Class GH Amplifier,as listed Below with Specs (Boxed) (Some surface scratches but works fine) 4 X 90watts min, spec:

Vibe LiteBox Bass 1 1300watt Mono block Class D Amp with remote Gain control (Boxed) 1 X 300watts spec class D amp

Vibe LITEAIR 4" componets with Tweeters: (boxed)

connected with Jenhert XE200 8" under seat Base under Drivers (Cost $400 direct from the US, cannot buy as individuals from Jenhert) (A perfect alternative if you are looking for a more ROCK sound to Earthquake SWS)

Alpine 10" class D Sub (No Box as keeping the custom enclosure)

Been installed for less than 6 months, just been removed as selling due to needing funds for the next project.

cost in excess of 900 6 months ago, would prefer to sell as a complete set for 625 Collect from Wilts or add another 50 for Delivery as this is a lot of stuff and heavy, Complete with RCA cables and in-line Fuses.

PM me with any specific questions

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