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Excellent thread makkan00.

Your efforts are much appreciated.
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makkan the MAN
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great thread, many thanks.
Thanks guys. Without your support, I am nothing.

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Another option on petrol models is to install a cut off switch on to the coil pack power feed. I've done this on mine and with the switch set to off the car will just turn over and never fire. Just extend the wiring somewhere hidden in the car and flick the switch when you use and then turn off the car. Be warned if you don't do it properly your car won't start.

Idnan, can you hook me to this DIY, or can you kindly pm me everything in detail and I will work on it. Once done and got it in easy DIY form, I will add it.
Thanks for your contribution.

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That's the premise I've been working on - keeps the scumbags away / out of the car & if they do get in make life as difficult & noisy as possible - warning of broken glass seems a bit poinless if other sensors are able to detect the big hole in the door or an arm waving around!


Once we achieve that, it is not full stop. IanS100, with the passage of time and funds, I guess we should add tracker as well. Just in case.
It also helps when your car goes to dealer / indie / your partner drives. You can be as cheeky as you like.