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Rematch: Cobb FBO 335i vs JB4 FBO 335i (Video Inside)

This is a follow up from our first run. Info from our first run can be found here:

To keep things short, I lost the first run because I shifted too slow and my protune wasn't finished. My car is 6MT and "Stucks" car is 6AT. Now that my protune is completed, we set out for a rematch.

Car Mods & Details for Run #2:

Laid Black 335i: 2007 BMW 335i (6MT): Cobb Protune (18 psi), FBO, No Meth, Stock OEM Exhaust, running a 60/40 mix of 93/E85.


Stucks (Camera Car): 2008 BMW 335i (6AT): JB4 (Map 5 - 16.5psi), FBO, No Meth, Stock OEM Exhaust, running a 75/25 mix of 93/E85.

Summary: We did a 40 roll again letting off around 135. I was able to pull a car length at the start and by the time we let off, I was half a car ahead.

Just for kicks.... here's a video of my 60-130 time. I estimate it is low to mid 9's.