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Question Power Loss / Limp Mode (E92 '57 320D)

Ok, thought I would ask on here if anyone could help as my local garage don't really seem to know the answer to this...

I have a 2007/57 E92 320D that I have owned since January, not long after I got the car I had it remapped, it was a superchips remap and everything seemed ok and it made a good bit of difference to the way the car drove.

Then one day on my way back up to work on the M5 I was sat in the middle lane at 50 on an average speed bit and got to the end and decided to pull out and overtake the car in front. I was in 6th gear at the time and pulled out into the outside lane, turbo spooled up and as it got to what I would consider the boost range the car just kind of died, I couldnt rev about about 2000 revs as I pulled over onto the hard shoulder.

I sat there and revved the engine and it just rocked the car and had no power, so decided to switch it off and back on again, revved the engine and job done, back to normal and I carried on my way.

Its now done this about 3 or 4 times now, mainly on motorway and mainly on a decent amount of acceleration.

No warnings on the dash, nothing came up on the diagnostics.

Anybody got any idea what this could be? As I dont want it to get any worse.

Cheers, Alex
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