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Originally Posted by MikeyV View Post
Which is daft since the official name of the country is the Republic of China, and is often called Chinese Taipei in sporting competitions. Sounds to me like they want to be called Chinese.

Also try telling that to the Chinese who view Taiwan as a breakaway province, which is what it is, Taiwanese are ethnically han Chinese, apart from a few (about 3%) indigenous Taiwanese.

OP nice car btw, although I always thinks it's odd when a modified car has OEM wheels.

Dude, your post is about as politically incorrect as they come. In sporting competition its called Chinese Taipei because the UN (really, the US) reject to recognize Taiwan as a country under China's pressure.

Taiwan is also NOT a breakaway province. Taiwanese (Fukien speaking) are mainly descendants of the people that migrated from Fukien province in China to Taiwan long before Chiang Kai Sheik got there.

Its like me calling you Swedish when you are from Norway.